OWENS | The King of Whys

stay poor and die trying
take the drugs I didn't take
lay the whores I didn't lay
'cause I was too afraid that I might like it
carry scissors with your teeth
bury your burdens underneath your lovers skin

pack a bag and pick a fight
lead with your left
and leave while your lies still breathe
whenever you arrive, pick another fight
and leave the fucking bag behind

you may be wondering
where all this wandering leads
you're lost but at least
you've nowhere to be
and no one to leave you

truth or dare are you on fire?
and if so
how do you know?
and if not
do you burn to be?
'cause I do
when I see you
but you can't SEe me

you may be wandering
driveway to driveway drunk
a ghost without a house to haunt
the last of my feral friends
I know you're lonely
but don't waste your breath
telling me that you want what I have
no one believes you

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